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Why I left Air Force Cyber

I wanted to write this before I’ve been out longer than I’d been in. I agonized over my decision to leave the Air Force—largely because I experienced it as an issue of professional identity. Why I joined After wrestling at a high school math and science academy, I wanted to keep up physical fitness and develop leadership skills in a technical environment. I also needed financial assistance to fund college....

November 29, 2023

zip snip: Social engineering attack using a .zip domain

Google recently launched the .zip TLD, and Twitter has been up in arms. It’s hard to imagine that .zip domains would be used for anything legitimate, and would instead give way to more creative phishing attacks. Accordingly, I quickly snagged while these domains were rapidly being bought up, and showed an example of how it might be used to trick a software developer into downloading a malicious ZIP file—yet there are still some that quite reasonably ask, “Should we really be so concerned about ....

May 14, 2023

How I keep up with new content

Or, using a content aggregator like it’s 1999. Daniel Miessler writes a lot—and a lot of that lot is about RSS. Daniel inspired me to curate my media intake with RSS (and also more generally to start writing learning in public). Here are a few RSS-related tools and principles I’ve picked up over the past 6 months. It essentially boils down to discovering new content sources via Twitter, etc., and using a content aggregator (and supporting tools) to bring those many sources into a single view....

March 6, 2023

Zero-knowledge appointment scheduler

I recently (finally) started using online appointment scheduling software. There are many players in this space, but Calendly is the most popular and featureful. It’s awesome—but in order to use it, you have to give it direct access to whichever calendars you want it to check for conflicts. That means access to all sensitive details like online meeting URLs, attendee information, etc.—and it gives me the creeps. This isn’t unique to Calendly as most booking software works exactly this way....

January 25, 2023

Free as in (tier)

I tend to push a product’s free tier pretty hard. I’ve been using the same free Dropbox account for 11 years (originally 2 GB, but permanently upgraded to 22 GB through various referrals and promotions long ago). I have several free Zoho email accounts grandfathered into supporting custom domains, SMTP, and email forwarding (they still offer a free tier with custom domain support, but without those latter features). I use free Inoreader while compensating for its restrictions by layering on free equivalent RSS services like Kill the Newsletter!...

November 23, 2022